Platforms Taste-masked, Immediate-release Oral Drugs

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Achieve complete release after taste masking for a palatable, titratable, fine powder.

Existing methods for taste masking often require sweeteners or coated beads.  Often, the approaches are ineffective at masking taste and use coarse, unpalatable granules or beads. In a single step,  Precision Particle Fabrication can create fine microcapsules with high drug loading surrounded by a drug-free shell to completely mask foul-tasting ingredients and improve patient compliance and adherence.

At left, notice the amount of drug taste-masked in the Orbis suspension product (94.8% masked at 1 minute) compared to the reference drug (36.7% masked at 1 minute).

As illustrated below, fixed dose combinations are possible since powders are homogeneous and every dose has the same proportion of drugs. The powder can then be used in a number of patient-friendly formats. Further, precision control over particle size and shape allows for optimization of texture and mouth feel.

This application provides effective taste-masking functionality with the flexibility of dispersed format.

Key Features:
  • Complete release after taste masking
  • Palatable, titratable, fillable fine powder
  • High drug loading
  • Single-step processing
  • Flexible dose format for pediatric and geriatric populations