Unparalleled Scalability

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Scalable to Fit Your Needs

Large Scale Production

The Orbis Precision Particle Fabrication technology platform was developed with industry in mind. It delivers precision microspheres for controlled release at a previously unachievable scale.

  • Compatible with extrusion and spray
  • Achieves uniform size without sieving processes
  • Integrates with low costs
  • Compared with other techniques, the Orbis advantage is a truly scalable solution, a practical lever than can both increase effectiveness via controlling particle properties and decrease costs. It offers high efficiency and nearly limitless scalability with virtually zero waste.

Compatible Processes

Precision Particle Fabrication enables uniform particles for most every microencapsulation process:

  • Emulsion/solvent extraction
  • Spray chilling (prilling)
  • Interfacial polymerization
  • Complex coacervation
  • Gelatin capsules

Multi-Nozzle Precision Particle Fabrication