Platforms Pulse-release Injectable Drugs

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Achieve accurate delay before pulse for multiple doses in one injection.

The stratµm™ technology revolutionizes injectable pharmaceuticals with delayed release of active pharmaceutical ingredients for true pulse release.

A uniform shell contains high loadings of stabilized active ingredients within the aqueous core. Using the Precision Particle Fabrication Platform, we tuned the composition of the shell to release the active after 30 days.

This approach minimizes the number of injections needed by combining a variety of delayed-release microspheres while also enhancing dosage control through uniform, monodisperse microspheres.

This technology is particularly useful to improve patient compliance by reducing the number of injections (e.g., vaccines or ocular therapies). In addition, the technology enables previously unattainable dosing regimens and pharmacokinetics.

Key Features:
  • Accurate delay before pulse
  • Multiple doses in one injection
  • High loading (>20%) without burst
  • Delivered using small gauge needle
  • Uses excipients in FDA-approved products