Platforms Sustained-release Otic Therapies

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Maintain drug release in the inner ear for a month or longer.

The unisun™ technology is an extended-release, drug delivery platform for the treatment of diseases of the inner ear. The platform enables precise, long-term control of drug levels in the inner ear perilymph fluid while allowing clinicians to administer therapeutics using standard intratympanic injection techniques. This unique combination of precise control of inner ear drug levels for over thirty days and facile delivery will provide patients with a much-needed advancement in these therapies, eliminating the need for multiple injections while providing for more predictable drug levels within the inner ear perilymph. The image to the left illustrates the intratympanic drug delivery using the unisun Drug Delivery Platform. Drug-loaded microspheres (orange circles) are injected and localized to the round window membrane using a fast film-forming agent (green squares).

This platform can be used with many drugs used to treat a variety of otic disorders, including Meniere’s disease, sudden sensorineural hearing Loss, tinnitus, and autoimmune inner ear disease. Drugs include small molecules, peptides, monoclonal antibodies, proteins, and macromolecules.

Current drug delivery systems for the treatment of inner ear diseases offer either tight control of pharmacokinetic drug levels in the inner ear or a low cost of treatment, but not both. Because the unisun platform combines the use of uniform drug-loaded microspheres (for precise control of drug release) along with a fast-film forming agent (allowing for low-cost, intratympanic delivery of the drug) it is well-positioned for wide-spread clinical adoption.

Key Features:
  • Long-term control of drug levels in the inner ear perilymph fluid
  • Eliminating the need for multiple, painful injections
  • Useful for a wide range of therapeutic classes

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