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Cory Berkland, Ph.D. and Bo Fishback 

Orbis was founded in 2008 by Bo Fishback (left) and Cory Berkland (right).

Bo is a proven entrepreneur with posts of Founder and CEO of Zaarly; VP, Entrepreneurship for The Kauffman Foundation; Co-Founder of LightSpeed Genomics; Managing Director of Biomed Valley Discoveries and Consultant for PureTech Ventures. Bo earned his BS in Biomedical Engineering from Southern Methodist University and MBA from Harvard Business School.

Cory has demonstrated Precision Particle Fabrication's capabilities for more than 15 years. He earned a PhD in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering from the University of Illinois, Urbana, where he co-invented and developed the Precision Particle Fabrication technology. Cory is a Professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Chemical and Petroleum Engineering at The University of Kansas.