Platforms Extended-release Oral Drugs

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Match duration of extended-release tablets with suspensions.

Precision Particle Fabrication encapsulates drugs in uniform microspheres, allowing precise control of drug release rate. Compared to traditional techniques that produce polydisperse particles, our technology creates microspheres of exact size that can be easily formulated into standard syrups, capsules and tablets, providing exceptional release and dosage control and avoiding burst release due to the presence of particle fines.

This technology precisely matches the reference drug product (left) to allow a new suspension format that performs like the long-acting tablet.

Suspensions that extend release like long-acting tablets require the level of diffusion control that  Precision Particle Fabrication provides.

Key Features:

  • Suspensions that extend release, matching long-acting tablets
  • Palatable, titratable, fillable, fine powder
  • Single step processing
  • High drug loading
  • Flexible dose format for pediatric and geriatric populations