Platforms Extended-release Injectable Drugs

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Eliminate drug burst and gain required drug release accuracy.

The stratµm™ technology titrates drug release kinetics to enable novel injectable drug delivery products.

We create uniform, monodisperse microspheres using our technology to develop improved injectable depot formulations. Our depots allow for discrete control over release rate, including linear kinetics, offering sustained release for desired length of time.

As seen at left, the size of the particle affects the release rate, creating a workspace to finely control kinetics. Our approach offers rapid establishment of in vitro / in vivo correlations for faster product development.

This application is particularly useful for pharmaceuticals for which compliance is critical, such as contraception, antipsychotic, addiction and bacterial resistance medications.
Key Features:
  • Release accuracy for narrow therapeutic index drugs
  • No burst-release
  • Zero-order release profiles
  • Sustained-release depots for long-term therapeutic effect
  • Excellent batch-to-batch reproducibility