Unprecedented Control

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Control the release rate by using Precision Particle Fabrication to produce exact, uniform microspheres. Active ingredients and matrix materials are first combined and then processed through the Orbis nozzle to create microspheres of the desired size and porosity.


Use Precision Particle Fabrication technology to expand the realm of release options. Easily surround your active ingredient core inside of a protective shell structure.

  • Delay burst by encapsulating liquid (water, oil, etc)
  • Tune release by controlling shell thickness
  • Combine microcapsules for multiple pulses

Matrix-based Microspheres

matrix-based microsphere

Scanning electron microscopy images of PLG microspheres created using Precision Particle Fabrication. The homogenous architecture of these microspheres enables precise control of release rates (scale 30 microns).

  • Protect your active ingredient
  • Improve delivery to defined sites

Microcapsules with Liquid Cores

Precision microcapsule with liquid core

Transmitted light confocal microscopy image (left) of microcapsules consisting of a PLG shell and aqueous, fluorescent BSA core created using Orbis's technology. Note that the aqueous core is contained within the shell without leakage (right, scale 25 microns).

Microcapsules with Solid Cores

Precision microcapsule with solid core

Scanning electron microscopy images of PCPH shell encapsulation of a PLG core (left). The core is dissolved using a solvent, demonstrating the technology’s capability to fully separate core and shell materials (scale 25 microns).

  • Protect actives requiring solid matrices
  • Design complex release schemes