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Fully Vetted: Kansas City Is an Animal Science Hot Spot

Amanda Stevenson-Grund - Friday, March 11, 2016

… the Kansas City area is home to 220 animal health-related businesses and 20,000 industry-related jobs. This results in Kansas City being a major player in the global animal health space.” – Cress. Exploring the Animal Health Corridor: a primer to Kansas City’s big industry. KCPT

A veterinarian gives an injection to a piglet

Kansas and Missouri are sometimes dismissed as “flyover states,” necessary only as paths to other places. Similarly, corridors are often seen only as hallways connecting important rooms. The Kansas City Animal Health Corridor, however, challenges both those thoughts. Stretching approximately 300 miles from Manhattan, Kansas to Columbia, Missouri, the Corridor shows that Kansas City has become a hot spot for animal sciences in terms of both education and business.

Animal science and veterinary education forms the foundation of the Kansas City Animal Health Corridor. The area is home to more than 1,500 students at several colleges and universities, including the Colleges of Veterinary Medicine at Kansas State and the University of Missouri, according to the Kansas City Area Development Council’s Animal Health Corridor website. When these students graduate, many want to stay in the area, so they become employees of the many businesses and organizations nearby.

The number of animal science businesses in the Corridor continues to grow. The KC Economic Development Corporation writes that 31 new companies with more than 1,000 potential new jobs have situated in the area. That includes eight of the world’s largest 10 animal health companies. According to a 2015 article in the Kansas City Star, companies headquartered in the Corridor make up $7.1 billion of the world’s $25.2 billion animal health products and diagnostics sales.

The Kansas City Animal Health Corridor is a hub for animal science innovation, knowledge and opportunities. Orbis BiosciencesTM is proud to be one of the many organizations that work toward improvements in animal health. We are a part of the many great groups that prove that the Corridor and the Midwest have a lot to offer.
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